About Destiny Emblem Collector (DEC)

Destiny Emblem Collector (DEC) was created because, honestly, I love emblems. But I was frustrated by the lack of information on the internet about exactly how to get each emblem, especially some of the harder ones (or the information that was out there had some fake/troll info). I created DEC to collect all the information that I have in my brain about these in-game images I love. Hopefully DEC can help you snag some new emblems and complete some cool challenges!

If you see something wrong on the site, have a suggestion, or want to collaborate, please contact me @Jansten on Twitter!

Cookie Policy

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Destiny Emblem Collector (DEC) Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Destiny Emblem Collector (DEC) track all Destiny 2 emblems?

A: No; there are a number of emblems present in the database that are incomplete in some way that I don't track. These are usually missing images or a large chunk of their data.

Q: Does Destiny Emblem Collector (DEC) track all Destiny 1 emblems?

A: Yes! All Destiny 1 emblems appear complete in the API/database, so I've added all of them to the site. If you see any missing, please let me know!

Q: Will [emblem name] ever be available again?

A: No idea, but hopefully! There have been a few instances of rare or limited emblems that have come back around later, so keep an eye on the "Limited Time Emblems" section of DEC so you don't miss them!